The human brain is a wonderful thing.
It starts to work the moment you’re born and never stops until you get up to speak in public!

Rena CohenWhen people say they'd rather die than address an audience, they're only partly kidding. Fear of public speaking has even topped death in some surveys. But now Speech and Presentation Coach Rena Cohen invites you to discover how to overcome presentation anxiety, improve vocal delivery and practise organizational methods for preparing and presenting information.

Rena Cohen is an award-winning theatre director who works from the premise that public speaking is about communication, not perfection. Her passion for helping people to develop confidence and effectiveness in front of an audience, her ability to bring out the individual strengths of her clients, and her belief that even the shyest among us can become an adept public speaker, helps everyone to derive value from her coaching.

So whether you’ve been asked to deliver a speech at the company’s annual general meeting, a knock-out sales presentation, or the toast to the bride and groom, you’re sure to find a coaching session from Rena Cohen useful, informative and eye-opening.

  • Overcome presentation anxiety
  • Present your ideas with conviction and confidence
  • Learn everything you need to know about public speaking, from body language to selecting great visuals for your presentations

Since there is no relationship in our lives that doesn’t benefit from good communication skills, making even a small improvement in our ability to convey our ideas can affect the overall quality of our lives. Many small changes can have a considerable result.