“There are two kinds of speakers. Those who are nervous and those who are liars.”

- Mark Twain

What kind of help do you need

  • Overcoming nerves / stage fright
  • Delivering an important speech
  • Developing team synergy for a presentation
  • Presenting an award
  • Accepting an honour
  • Igniting a 'boring' topic
  • Toasting retirees or newlyweds
  • Writing business presentations
  • Doctoring a speech
  • Reading from your book to an audience
  • Oral exam preparation
  • Facing a media interview
  • Giving your best in a job interview
  • Conducting effective meetings
  • Selecting visuals for presentations
  • Speaking in a social, community or religious setting

What I do

Rena provides training to help even the most reluctant speaker gain confidence in making presentations. Clients learn how to organize a speech, how to develop their vocal range, how to engage their audience from the outset, how to harness their own creativity to energize a speech, how to persuade, and how to handle questions well.

For Whom

Rena’s clients range from first time speakers who have been assigned the task of toasting newlyweds or retirees, to mid-level managers and senior level executives who understand that how they communicate directly impacts their careers and their value to their companies. Others are professionals who want to feel more comfortable and connected in front of an audience. This work is for clients who are ready to partner with a coach to gain the most over the shortest time.

Based in the Greater Vancouver area ( Vancouver, BC  Canada )


Presentations skills training is delivered in one-on-one personal sessions, or in small group workshops within companies.