“To be a person is to have a story to tell”

- Isak Dinesen

10 Tips to Fearless Speaking

  1. Become an authority on your material
  2. Instead of memorizing sentences, memorize ideas about which you can speak with conviction
  3. Practice your delivery, never to a mirror but to a friend or family member
  4. Make sure that you’re well rested from a good sleep the night before your presentation
  5. Before your presentation, breathe deeply, stretch and walk around if possible.
  6. Instead of focusing on your nerves, concentrate on how your message will benefit the audience
  7. Prepare a solid introduction and conclusion. This will carry through your nervousness at the beginning and ensure a powerful conclusion
  8. Familiarize yourself with the space where you’re presenting. Own the space when you’re up there
  9. Imagine yourself delivering a great speech and the audience enjoying it
  10. Take the time to breathe deeply during your presentation. Pause to allow information to be absorbed.
  11. BONUS: Involve your audience. This will take pressure off of you. Remember, the best speech feels like a lively dialogue.

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